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Edesia Bakery London - Free-range and organic

All the eggs we use are free-range and organic. Eggs, like all our fresh produce, is bought according to the orders so they are as fresh as possible. This makes the cakes even fluffier! 

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Food Waste 
Every order placed with Edesia is baked specially for you. This not only means that your goodies are as fresh and tasty as possible but also that our food waste is absolutely minimal. Whereas traditional bakeries throw alarming amounts of food away at the end of each day as it is no longer fresh for sale. 

Packaging from suppliers
Wherever possible we look to buy ingredients with as minimal packaging as possible and of course look for packaging that can be recycled or reused by the supplier. 

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Every effort is made in the kitchen to keep waste of all kinds as low as possible and keeping the environment & sustainability in mind. For example, we use biodegradable piping bags, biodegradable baking paper, appliances like the oven are only on when required, we use refill eco cleaning products, washable & biodegradable cloths and all our suppliers of ingredients & packaging are all carefully chosen to meet our environmental values. 

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